28 Oct 2021

The evidence database is live!

What is the evidence database?

The evidence database complements the Early Action Database, allowing practitioners to locate and review evidence pertaining to specific early actions in one place.


Visit the evidence database here

How can it be useful to you?

The Evidence Database’s primary goal is to assist practitioners in the selection, design, and comparison of potential early actions based on existing evidence of effectiveness. Whether considering a specific early action or looking to compare different interventions intended to mitigate the same impact, the Evidence Database will allow you to search for existing studies, quickly review the evidence, and access the full study.

If you are a Monitoring Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) practitioner, it may help you identify gaps in the existing evidence, get inspiration for your own monitoring plans, or simply provide centralized access to existing studies of anticipatory action.

Finally, the evidence database can help those involved in advocacy quickly locate and cite the growing body of evidence on anticipatory action.


What can you do to help it grow and improve?

Submit your studies! The easiest way to contribute to this resource is to make sure your organization’s evidence is included in the database. Please send any new studies to Arielle Tozier de la Poterie.

After you use the database, you can also submit your feedback here to help us improve the database’s design and utility in the future.