28 Jun 2021

The Anticipation Hub joins the InsuResilience Global Partnership

The Anticipation Hub is proud to now be a member of the InsuResilience Global Partnership. The InsuResilience Secretariat is also a partner of the Anticipation Hub and are excited to see our collaboration strengthen going forward.

The Anticipation Hub will support the InsuResilience Global Partnership by enabling access to a range of knowledge resources and advocacy materials on anticipatory action, and by facilitating connections and knowledge exchange with a wide range of partners across science, policy and practice who are enabling anticipatory action.

The Anticipation Hub will work closely with the InsuResilience Global Partnership to capture synergies across our initiatives on:

  • Policy and advocacy to enable mainstreaming of risk financing tools into national policies and programmes, and develop ideas and concrete suggestions on how and where risk financing  and anticipatory action approaches could be better linked and integrated.
  • Knowledge sharing to enhance mutual understanding of the different risk financing tools, initiatives and approaches across communities. 

We have already put our collaboration into practice through the sectoral community on “Linking Risk Financing to Anticipatory Action” being co-chaired by the Anticipation Hub together with the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership. We look forward to progressing this community to accelerate the scaling up of risk financing for anticipatory action, explore needs and solutions across sectors, and to co-create new innovative disaster risk financing solutions.

We are excited to work with the InsuResilience Global Partnership, in particular to progress the synergy between risk financing and anticipatory action through bringing together a diverse group of experts and practitioners to collaborate and innovate across sectors.

Kara Siahaan Coordinator, Early Action and Disaster Risk Financing at IFRC and Lead on Network and Policy at the Anticipation Hub highlights

The Anticipation Hub is the leading knowledge platform to scale up anticipatory action globally. Through its membership in the InsuResilience Global Partnership, we are pleased to enhance our collaboration and to strengthen linkages between Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance and anticipatory action. Convergence across humanitarian, development and private sector actors is key to break siloes and ensure comprehensive resilience building, bringing together diverse resources and unlocking co-benefits across different approaches. Only by working together we can ensure to leave no one behind, and to see the resilience of the most poor and vulnerable communities improved.

Daniel Stadtmueller Team Lead from the InsuResilience Secretariat