New French guidance notes for forecast-based financing, early action and drought

The humanitarian sector has been responding to drought for decades, and particularly impacts such as food insecurity, epidemics and conflict. Traditionally, humanitarian efforts have focused on responding to these impacts of this slow-onset hazard, but recently there has been growing interest in implementing anticipatory action ahead of the worst effects.

In 2020, the document Forecast-based financing and early action for drought – guidance notes for the Red Cross Red Crescent was published. This synthesised current knowledge about anticipatory action for drought, highlighted the ongoing questions, and proposed pathways to develop forecast-based programmes for this hazard. These guidance notes are now available in French, making them accessible to an even wider audience, which will strengthen the growing community of practice around anticipatory action for drought.

A separate tool, the decision tree, is also now available in French. This helps people to make practical decisions about forecast-based action for drought, starting with identifying the humanitarian impacts that need to be tackled. It should be used in conjunction with the Guidance Notes, as well as the Forecast-based Financing manual.

A news item about the English versions can be found here.