Submitted by Md. Salauddin, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS)
12 Jul 2021

Government to engage practitioners to formulate Forecast-based Financing/Action (FbF/A) Strategy

To formulate a Forecast-based Financing/ Action (FbF/A) Strategy for Bangladesh, a day long workshop was organized on 9th June 2021 by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief (MoDMR) of the Government of Bangladesh, with logistical support from the CARE Consortium. The workshop was organized based on the decision made during the last meeting of the Forecast-based Financing/Action (FbF/A) Taskforce of the Standing Orders on Disaster (read more here).

The keynote was presented by Ranjit Kumar Sen, Additional Secretary, MoDMR and Chair of the Taskforce. In his keynote he acknowledged the anticipatory action initiatives implemented by the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS), German Red Cross (GRC), Climate Centre and World Food Programme (WFP) in 2015 are being scaled up and are now recognized by the government. The recognition is the result of long-term advocacy by the BDRCS, GRC, WFP and other actors of FbF/A. The initiative of BDRCS to formulate and lead the FbF/A Technical Working Group was also acknowledged by the Taskforce.

During the workshop the interactive group work highlighted the following points to strengthen FbF/A initiatives in Bangladesh:

  • The current signal and flag system for cyclones based on wind speed should be contextualized for storm surges. 

  • The triggering system for cyclones and storm surges should be developed based on impact-based forecasts, and it should not be dependent on the signal system of Bangladesh Meteorological Department.

  • There is no signal and flag-based system   for floods in Bangladesh and the early warning system should be contextualized  through a signaling and flag system for floods, in line with the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center.

  • Impact-based forecasting system   should be developed under the government leadership.

  • Fast and efficient funding channels should be developed for FbF/A initiatives to implement the early actions.   The funding channel should ensure the effective use of the channel as well as the funds for reducing impacts of the vulnerable communities. Funding source should be aligned with the government policy document.

  • Coordination among government ministries and departments as well as the actors should be enhanced for better operations. A Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for effective coordination and response operation should be put in place.

  • Common trigger and threshold for FbF/A should be developed that can be used by multiple humanitarian organizations and the government and it should be activated for only extreme events.

  • Orientation, awareness building and training of Upazila Disaster Management Committee, Union Disaster Management Committees and other related disaster managers should be conducted.



The following key decisions were made during the workshop:

  • A standard operating procedure (SOP) for implementing Forecast-based Financing/Action initiatives will be developed very soon. The non-government actors of FbF/A will work with the Taskforce to prepare the draft document shortly.

  • FbF/A initiatives will be incorporated to the governments Strategic Plan for 2021-2025. 

  • The signaling system for storm surge as well as flood early warning system will be contextualized by the respective hydro-meteorological department and the respective ministries.

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