Submitted by Natalie Acosta
13 May 2024

Ecuador advances with its roadmap for the integration of anticipatory action

National dialogue platforms are becoming increasingly important as a space to promote greater complementarity across the anticipatory action initiatives in each country.  With the aim of advancing a roadmap for anticipatory action in Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Red Cross organized the country’s first National Dialogue Platform on 26 April 2024 in Quito.

An encounter for dialogue

More than 130 key actors for anticipatory action in Ecuador gathered around the theme ‘Today, from halfway around the world, we anticipate events’. This included representatives from the humanitarian sector, community leaders, local and central governments, scientific and technical institutions, academia, international organizations and non-governmental organizations.

Featured themes

The agenda included panels on the fundamentals of anticipatory action, experiences in Latin America, good practices, and challenges for Ecuador. During the central panel, Armando Daquilema, leader of the Chauzan Totorillas community, who participated in the activation of the Early Action Plan on the Sangay volcanic ashfall, stated that “unity always leads to success”, highlighting the importance of collaboration to provide at-risk communities with greater opportunities to anticipate the impacts of events.

There were also innovative and creative sessions, including a fair which exhibited different initiatives related to anticipatory action. Participants included the Municipality of Quito, the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (INAMHI), the Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School (IGEPN), the Faculty of Geological, Mining, Petroleum and Environmental Engineering (FIGEMPA) of the Central University of Ecuador, Practical Action, the Ecuadorian Red Cross (through its Guayas Provincial Board and headquarters), and the Anticipation Hub.

Commitment and results

The National Dialogue Platform wrapped up with a participatory exercise to gather inputs for the construction of a roadmap for the integration of anticipatory action in Ecuador. Actions considered included: awareness-raising and promotion of the anticipatory approach; capacity building; alliances for action; opportunities within the legal frameworks for risk management; the development of plans with coordinated activation mechanisms; and evidence and lessons learned.

Jorge Arteaga, manager of essential areas at the Ecuadorian Red Cross, highlighted the importance of the National Dialogue Platform in advocating for the importance of anticipatory action in the country, and for advancing the roadmap through the advisory group that will incorporate some of the organizations represented at the event.  

The event was co-organized by the National Secretariat for Risk Management, the Anticipation Hub, the World Food Programme, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and Practical Action-COSUDE. It was developed within the operational framework of the Programmatic Alliance, with the financial support of the European Union.

Participants at Ecuador's National Dialogue Platform; Foto grupal de participantes de la #PDECU24.

Photos by Carolina Hernández, Ecuadorian Red Cross.

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