Anticipatory Action at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week

The Anticipation Hub and its partners are co-organising multiple sessions under the Anticipatory Action Priority Topic at Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week. Read more about the highlighted sessions happening on the 21st and 22nd of April below.

For more details on HNPW registration and to access the full agenda, you can find more information here.

Strengthening Synergy for a system-wide shift: Anticipatory Action in the nexus

21st April

11am CEST

Anticipatory Action Task Force, UNFPA and the Anticipation Hub

Anticipatory action represents a crucial opportunity for a better join-up between humanitarian and development programming in practice by ensuring development gains are protected while providing a faster, more efficient and more dignified humanitarian response ahead of shocks turning into crisis.

The objectives of the session are:

  • Introduce 5 key policy asks developed by the Anticipatory Action Task Force and demonstrate their importance for strengthening the humanitarian and development nexus.
  • Highlight how existing partnership initiatives can collectively make a difference in scaling up anticipatory action through collective learning and coordination across humanitarian and development actors.
  • Demonstrate national governments’ and other actors' perspectives on the benefits and opportunities these initiatives bring to enhance synergy between humanitarian- and development-related programmes and policies.

The expected outcomes of the session are:

  • Shared commitment by all partnership initiatives to strengthen synergies to scale up anticipatory action.
  • Stimulate continued learning, technical exchange and coordination between government, humanitarian and development actors through the partnership initiatives.
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Mingle: Interactive networking and exchange between humanitarian and development actors

21st April

1pm CEST

Anticipation Hub and Risk-informed Early Action Partnership (REAP)

A fun and friendly networking event to connect actors across climate, disaster, development and humanitarian communities and spark synergies in efforts on anticipatory action leading up to COP26. This session will act as a space for networking and exchange following the HNPW Priority Topic Session on Anticipatory Action.

The objective of this networking exchange is to: 

  • Build on the discussion and insights captured during the HNPW priority session on Anticipatory Action
  • Create connections between organisations and individuals across climate, development and humanitarian communities to enhance synergies for COP26

The expected outcomes of the session are to:

  • Improve our shared understanding of how anticipatory action compliments and further strengthens policies and programmes on climate change adaptation, DRR and development
  • Lay the foundations for a collective ‘humanitarian-development’ nexus approach to advocacy at COP26
  • Collate relevant resources, events, and updates related to COP26 engagement across humanitarian-development actors
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Anticipatory Hub Briefing Session: Strengthening knowledge and exchange on anticipatory action with the Anticipation Hub

22nd April

3pm CEST

Anticipation Hub

This briefing session seeks to increase awareness about the Anticipation Hub as a new knowledge exchange and learning platform on anticipatory humanitarian action for practitioners, scientists and policymakers.

The objectives of this session are to:

  • Introduce the Anticipation Hub and highlight the knowledge sharing tools and learning materials available through the Anticipation Hub - for example the early action database.
  • Share the key knowledge exchange and learning activities planned under for each strategic priority of the Anticipation Hub and identify opportunities for synergy and collaboration.

The expected outcomes of the session are:

  • Increased awareness of the tools, learning materials and exchange opportunities available through the Anticipation Hub
  • Collated input from participants on planned hub activities under each strategic priority
  • Identification of opportunities for future knowledge sharing and learning activities in collaboration with HNPW participants
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There are many other partners’ sessions related to anticipatory action at HNPW - check out the Agenda here!  

Please get in contact with Lydia if you have any questions about the Anticipation Hub at HNPW.