Implementing the FbF Mechanism in Argentina

In 2019, the Argentine Red Cross Society started setting up an FbF mechanism in the country. A feasibility study is in progress, alliances for action are being strengthened, and the National Society has decided to develop an Early Action Protocol for floods.

The Regional FbF program seeks to reduce the humanitarian impact of floods - and possibly other hazards - through the development of an Early Action Protocol and implementation of early actions in Argentina.

Key facts

Start/end date     

2021 - 2023

Hazards covered    


Regions covered    

Coastal and Northern regions

Early action sectors     

Health | Livelihoods – livestock and agriculture | Cash transfer | Evacuation | WaSH

Anticipatory Action Protocols/Plans in place    

In process


None to date

Population reached during activation

Up to 3,500 families

Key actors/implementing partners   

The Argentine Red Cross Society, with support from the German Red Cross, IFRC, and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre works with the National Meteorological Institute, National Water Institute, Ministry of Civil Protection and the National Hazards and Emergencies Monitoring System.

Anticipation in practice: Project description

Floods represent a significant hazard in Argentina. Loss of human life, damage to property, destruction of crops, loss of livestock, and deterioration of health conditions are among the greatest impacts of floods on Argentinian communities. The Argentine Red Cross hopes to reduce these impacts by beginning to shift the National Disaster Management System to anticipation rather than pure response. The Early Action Protocol to be developed will assist up to 3,500 families in the coastal and north-western regions of the country. The protocol is still in early stages, but the following actions may be considered:

  • Community awareness trainings
  • Distribution of health, WaSH and livelihood kits according to the impact
  • Cash transfers to help families cover their basic needs in the face of evacuation or flood-related losses.

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Mariano Alfonsi

Risk Analysis National Coordinator at the Argentine Red Cross


Implementing Organisation

Cruz Roja Argentina

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