Our partners

The Anticipation Hub is supported by a diverse range of partners across the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, universities, research institutes, UN agencies, NGOs, networks/platforms and governmental bodies, from global to national levels. Having such a broad and diverse range of partner organisations supporting the implementation of the Anticipation Hub emphasises our shared vision to collaborate and share knowledge to scale up anticipatory action globally.

We look forward to growing our network of partners supporting the Anticipation Hub.

The conditions for becoming a partner are as follows:  

  • Appoint at least one organisational Focal Point to coordinate engagement with the Anticipation Hub.  
  • Submit all relevant knowledge products and content to the Hub  
  • Commit time to actively support the Hubs online exchange platform and Working Groups in line with their expertise, experience and capabilities.    
  • Support new knowledge content creation and dissemination  
  • Facilitate knowledge brokering and strengthened connections between Partners’ staff and programmes to help identify continued opportunities to align efforts on science, policy and practice for enhancing anticipatory action.  

If you are interested in becoming a partner of the Anticipation Hub please get in touch with us directly via anticipation-hub@drk.de and we will happily discuss the procedure with you.