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May 19, 2021

G7 Commitment on scaling-up anticipatory action: another advocacy milestone for the anticipatory action community

The release of the G7 Famine Prevention and Humanitarian Crisis Compact on 5th of May 2021, is a huge milestone in gaining increased political commitment from the G7 countries to scale-up …

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This image shows the analytical concept of prioritizing high-risk areas
Blog May 19, 2021

OFF THE GRID: Identifying high-risk and unmapped areas in East Africa

This blog post discusses a study to identify and prioritize high-risk areas in East Africa and guide volunteer mapping efforts to map the gaps in these areas.

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The images show the flood extent in Uganda
Blog May 17, 2021

Early Action

The coproduction of the Early Action Protocol for floods in Uganda: A model of strong collaboration for the effective scale-up of FbF

To trigger effective anticipatory actions before a natural hazard hits a vulnerable community, humanitarians need clear and robust protocols. This blog describes how the Uganda Red Cross Society …

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News May 07, 2021

Scaling up

Risk reconsidered – launch of the Recommendations and a Checklist on Scaling up DRR in Humanitarian Action

As part of the Anticipatory Action Priority Topic sessions at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week, UNDRR organised a session launching the Recommendations and Checklist on Scaling up DRR …

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Event May 05, 2021

Webinar: Communicating Early Warnings for Systemic Risk

The RISK-KAN working group on early warnings is running a webinar on 27th May 2021, 4pm CEST, on communicating early warnings for systemic risks.

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Event April 29, 2021

Networks & Conferences

4th Africa Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action

Save the date: We are pleased to announce that our 4th Africa Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action will be held virtually from 29th June to 1st July 2021.

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This image shows the distribution of provided shelter materials
Blog April 28, 2021

Ethiopian Flood Trigger Simulation: Optimizing Early Action Protocols

This blog shares insights from the simulation of the flood Early Action Protocol in Ethiopia that took place from March 8th until March 12th 2021.

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News April 23, 2021

Scaling up

Strengthening Synergy for a system-wide shift: Anticipatory Action in the nexus

On Wednesday April 21st, leading experts, governments and practitioners came together on a virtual stage at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week to discuss how they can work in …

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News April 22, 2021

Networks & Conferences

Anticipatory Action priority topic sessions kick-off at the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships week

Anticipatory action is one of the 9 Priority Topics being discussed at the virtual Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week taking place between the 19th of May and the 7th of April. Find out …

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News April 21, 2021

Boosting support for Anticipatory Action: Meeting between the Chairwoman of the Parlimentary Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian …

Read more about the high-level meeting between Gyde Jensen, Mr. Jagan Chapagain and Mr. Christian Reuter. Anticipatory action was one of the two key topics discussed during the meeting, the other …

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