Learning resources

Here you will have access to all learning resources about Anticipatory Action.

A wealth of resources are available on Anticipatory Action for a range of stakeholders, from communities, to practitioners and policy makers. Find here training resources, including training of trainers’ tools kits, learning materials, presentations, podcast, webinars, etc. These resources could be used to facilitate anticipatory action awareness sessions, trainings, events etc. 

Training resources

Climate Training Kit: 

Available here are training resources about Early Warning and Early Action that can be used to support your learning journey or to train others.

FbF and Early Action for Drought:

This guidance contains recommendations and ideas related to Anticipatory Action programmes linked to droughts.

A Practical Guide to Seasonal Forecasts:

This is a series of short, practical guidance documents with advice on how to interpret and use seasonal forecasts.


Find a variety of fun games and interactive activities that will help to explain and enrich your Anticipatory Action trainings here.

What is Anticipatory Humanitarian Action?

Anticipatory Action is an innovative approach which systematically links early warnings to actions designed to protect families and their assets ahead of a hazard. Acting before a disaster is crucial – it can safeguard lives and livelihoods, build resilience to future shocks, and ease pressure on strained humanitarian resources.

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Can’t Take the Heat Podcast

The 'Can't Take the Heat' podcast explores how people will adapt to a warming world. Find a variety of Anticipatory Action episodes. Host Roop Singh tackles the biggest challenges posed by climate change, like more intense and frequent heatwaves, from a humanitarian perspective. How will the impacts of climate change affect people around the world? What are the big solutions that are in the works? How do we make them happen? The podcast features experts from around the world including leading scientists developing climate solutions, and humanitarian volunteers telling stories of climate change from the frontlines of disasters. Contact us at podcast@climatecentre.org

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