Extreme climate and weather events have been the focus of many anticipatory action initiatives to date but there are increasing opportunities to anticipate and act ahead of other hazards such as epidemics and disease outbreaks, which are also drivers of human suffering and loss. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified the need to look beyond climate and weather-related hazards to include epidemics and to consider the compounding and exacerbating impacts on vulnerabilities when multiple hazards coincide. 

Technological progress in scientific modelling and forecasting systems are enabling better predictions of who, how, when and where people might be affected by disease outbreaks and epidemics. These advances are providing increased opportunities to develop, implement and expand anticipatory action approaches for health, such as anticipating cholera epidemics and dengue outbreaks. 

The knowledge resources below highlight the recent studies and applications of anticipatory action for health, from across the anticipatory action community. 

There is a growing need to expand our knowledge on how to best implement anticipatory action for such health-related applications. Please get in contact with us if you would like to share knowledge resources on this topic or engage in knowledge exchange activities.



Knowledge resources

IBF Dengue portal from emergency response to early detection and prevention

510 developed the Impact Based Forecasting (IBF) Dengue Portal in order to predict which areas are prone to dengue outbreaks and thus to mitigate their impact. Read more here.

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Linking early warnings to early action: compound hydrometeorological hazards and dengue outbreaks

In this blog you can read more about how hydrometeorological hazards do impact outbreaks of dengue.

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Getting ahead of Cholera and Putting Cholera behind

With the knowledge garnered in the last two hundred years, we should have enough tools and strategies to prevent, control, and eliminate a disease that belongs in a library, between voluminous tomes …

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Recording and documentation from the FOREWARN Community meeting on Epidemics

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Anticipating the humanitarian consequences of COVID-19

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Anticipatory action for epidemics

To date, most anticipatory action initiatives have focused on extreme climate and weather events, but there are increasing opportunities to look beyond these and act ahead of other hazards. These …

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Please get in contact with us if you would like to share knowledge resources on this topic or engage in knowledge exchange activities.

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technical advisor - health and climate change

Climate Centre

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Franziska Kellerhaus

lead - health cluster

German Red Cross

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