Strengthening FbF readiness and disaster preparedness in Guatemala

The Guatemalan Red Cross has been developing protocols since 2019 for volcanic ash, tropical storms and droughts. To promote institutional preparedness for the development of early actions in the country, the FbF readiness project was officially launched in November of 2020.

Project objective

The project seeks to provide extensive support to the National Society in further developing the preparedness and response system (procedures, structures, coordination and capacities) to ensure that, once a trigger does occur, the National Society can implement the early actions in the short window between a forecast and the event.

Key facts

Start/end date     

May 2020–May 2022

Hazards covered    

Volcanic ash | Tropical storms | Droughts

Regions covered    

Tropical storms: coastal region

Droughts: dry corridor

Early action sectors     

Shelter | Health | Livelihoods – livestock and agriculture | WaSH | Disaster relief response | Capacity strengthening

Anticipatory action protocols/plans in place    

Under development

Population reached during activation

Up to 3,500 families

Key actors/implementing partners   

The Guatemalan Red Cross Society, with support from the German Red Cross and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, works with the INSIVUMEH (meteorological institute) and other institutions from the Executive Ministry of the National Coordinator of Disaster Reduction (CONRED).

Anticipation in practice: project description

In Guatemala, volcanic ashfall, tropical storms, and drought, combined with a highly vulnerable population, result in significant impacts across the country. To reduce the harm these events cause, the Guatemalan Red Cross is seeking more coordinated efforts and anticipation. The protocols that will be developed will assist to 3,500 families each. Some of the early actions that could be developed include:

  • community awareness training
  • distribution of health, WaSH and livelihood kits, according to impacts
  • cash transfers to help families cover their basic needs in the face of evacuation or flood-related losses.

Outcomes and lessons learnt

As support for FbF has just begun, outcomes and lessons are still to be determined.

We believe in the strong potential that FbF readiness has - not only as a project, but as an institutional strengthening programme for the Guatemalan Red Cross.

Teresa Marroquín Director, Disaster Risk Management Unit, Guatemalan Red Cross

Facts and figures

High impact events in the last 25 years in Guatemala

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5 Number of tropical storms caused high impact
2 Number of volcanic ashfall caused high impact
249000 Number of families affected by drought since 2014


Teresa Marroquín

Director, Disaster Risk Management Unit, Guatemalan Red Cross

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