Slow onset, fast action - anticipatory action to protect agricultural livelihoods and food security ahead of slow-onset hazards

Date & Time

Wednesday, 28th of September 2022; 14:00 - 15:30 CEST




Slow-onset hazards progressively erode livelihoods, especially among the most vulnerable people, often leading to negative coping strategies, increasing vulnerability and hunger. With early warning systems and pre-agreed finance, it is possible to act before such hazards have an impact on lives and livelihoods.
This webinar presents an opportunity for experts to share information regarding the work on anticipatory action for slow-onset hazards. Practitioners from different organizations will highlight some of the key challenges and tested solutions for anticipating slow-onset hazards, and the lessons learned. 
The key areas of focus will include anticipatory action in protracted crises in the context of the global food crisis, and the lessons learned on the implementation of anticipatory actions to mitigate the impact of slow-onset hazards on the most vulnerable. The webinar will also represent an opportunity to launch FAO’s position paper on the phased approach to anticipatory action.