Global FOREWARN community meeting: cold waves

Date & Time

Wednesday, 9th of March 2022; 10:00 - 12:00 CET


Online Meeting


The Q1 Global FOREWARN Community Meeting will take place on Wednesday 9th March from 09:00 - 11:00 GMT

Start Network Crisis Anticipation and Risk Financing team is pleased to invite you to the March FOREWARN Community meeting - with a focus on cold waves. This quarter, the focus in on Start Network and National FOREWARN work on anticipating cold waves. The FOREWARN community members are invited to share their own cold wave work, tools, or experiences that could support collaboration to effectively anticipate this hazard.

START Network is working hard to make these meetings accessible to all time zones, and hope to bring a range of options in the future. The full meeting recording will be shared, as well as ways to engage with presenters, but please contact if you have difficulty attending the meeting.