From early warning to early action: inspiring and empowering the next generation

Date & Time

Friday, 25th of March 2022; 11:30 - 12:45 CET




Webinar celebrating World Meteorological Day 2022 

From early warning to early action: inspiring & empowering the next generation


Water Youth Network 

Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) - joint WMO and GWP programme 

Anticipation Hub


The Water Youth Network together with the Associated Programme on Flood Management (APFM) - a joint World Meteorological Organization  and Global Water Partnership initiative, and the Anticipation Hub are coming together to highlight inspiring stories of early career professionals across science, policy and practice working on translating 'early warning into early action', the theme of World Meteorological Day 2022 (March 23rd). 

The Water Youth Network have collaborated with the Associated Programme on Flood Management to develop competition on Global Integrated Flood and Drought Management Competition for #Youth-led projects. The submitted projects demonstrate how people-centered EWS approaches can be advanced by or through the involvement of youth. In 2017, the The Water Youth Network established the Early Warning Systems (EWS) young professionals group (EWS YP) connecting early career practitioners and researchers from multiple disciplines working across risk knowledge, forecasting, communication, preparedness and response to enable end-to-end EWS. The insights collected through the webinar will help to inform the growth of the group.

The Anticipation Hub is a platform facilitating knowledge exchange, learning, guidance and advocacy around anticipatory action. The event will highlight the growing opportunities for early career professionals and researchers to connect with Anticipation Hub partners, especially across the humanitarian sector and in the run up to the Global Platform on DRR and the WMO Multi-hazard Early Warning Conference in May 2022. This webinar marks the first collaboration between WYN's  EWS YP and the Anticipation Hub. In the future, opportunities will be explored to strengthen the synergies between groups.


Empower the next generation by showcasing inspiring stories and leadership from early career professionals and scientists working on translating early warning into early/anticipatory action and demonstrating the important role of youth. 

Identify gaps and opportunities for young professionals to engage in knowledge exchange and learning around early warning and early action through the Water Youth Network, the Associated Programme on Flood Management and the Anticipation Hub.


WMO representative 

Antonette A. Anaban, Head of the Baguio City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office, Philippines | Gender-transformative approach to flood EWS 

Faith Mitheu, Doctoral researcher at the University of Reading,UK | Impact-based forecasting of flood risk in Uganda & Fathum: forecasts for anticipatory humanitarian action 

Raihanul Haque Khan, Country Program Lead, RIMES Bangladesh | Supporting Flood Forecast-Based Action and Learning in Bangladesh (SUFAL)

Nivedha Elango, APFM Focal point, Water Youth Network Global Integrated Flood and Drought Management Competition for #Youth-led projects

Moderator: Lydia Cumiskey, Anticipation Hub 


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