C-PREE Webinar - Forecast-Based Financing for Disaster Displacement

Date & Time

Tuesday, 1st of March 2022; 15:00 - 16:00 CET




The presentation will discuss how researchers and humanitarian agencies can work together to identify opportunities and challenges utilizing Forecast-based financing to support anticipatory humanitarian action in the context of disaster displacement, sharing key recommendations from an issue brief and a recent publication.

Forecast-based financing is a mechanism to support humanitarian actions before a disaster strikes. Using scientific forecasts about risks such as cyclones, hurricanes, and droughts, humanitarian agencies can be prepared for likely events and mobilize resources ahead of time to protect the most vulnerable populations. For example, once an extreme weather event reaches a high level of probability in occurring, food, water, and medical kits can be provided, emergency structures prepared, and evacuations undertaken. To learn more about this approach, see this explainer video or visit the Anticipation Hub.


Lisa Thalheimer, a C-PREE postdoctoral research associate, will present with Eddie Jjemba (Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre) and Ezekiel (Zeke) Simperingham (International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies). They will discuss their work to include displacement-related triggers in early action protocols to minimize disaster displacements.

Host/ sponsor

This webinar is hosted by the Center for Policy Research on Energy and the Environment. Read more here

Photo (c) Stanley Dullea/ Shutterstock