Who we are and what we do

The Anticipation Hub aims to share knowledge and experiences on anticipatory humanitarian action to collaboratively scale up efforts in different countries, for different hazards by a range of users.


The Anticipation Hub Team

Alexandra Rüth

German Red Cross

As the Head of the Anticipation Hub, Alexandra oversees the management of the Anticipation Hub, developing strategic partnerships, reviewing the strategy development, coordinating with global initiatives and donor contacts, and supporting the organisation of the steering committee and advisory group. 

Email: a.rueth@drk.de

Erin Coughlan

Lead Science
Manager Science Team, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Email: coughlan@climatecentre.org

Stefanie Lux

Lead Methodologies and Projects
Lead Anticipation Unit, German Red Cross
Email: s.lux@drk.de

Catalina Jaime

Lead Learning and Technical Guidance
Senior Risk Advisor, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Email: cjaime@climatecentre.org

Kara Devonna Siahaan

Lead Network and Policy
Coordinator, Early Action and Disaster Risk Financing, IFRC
Email: kara.siahaan@ifrc.org

Anita Auerbach (née Yeomans)

Cash-based Early Action and Social Protection
E-Mail: a.auerbach@drk.de

Arielle Tozier de la Poterie, PhD.

Global advisor Early Action and Research, German Red Cross
Email: arielle.tozierdelapoterie@germanredcross.de

Irene Amuron

Technical Advisor on Forecast-based Financing, Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre
Email: amuron@climatecentre.org

Lydia Cumiskey

Partnerships and Strategic Hub Development

Melanie Ogle

Advisor Capacity Building, IFRC
Email: melanie.ogle@ifrc.org

Moritz Krüger

Advisor Methodology, German Red Cross
Email: m.krueger@drk.de

Nazira Lacayo

Senior Officer DREF Forecast based Action, IFRC
Email: nazira.lacayo@ifrc.org

Nikolas Scherer, PhD.

Advisor for Policy and Advocacy on Anticipation and Disaster Risk Financing, German Red Cross
Email: n.scherer@drk.de

Karen Dall

Advisor for Capacity Strengthening
Email: k.dall@drk.de

Jurg Wilbrink

Focal Point Southern Africa Cluster, IFRC
Email: jurg.wilbrink@ifrc.org

Mathieu Destrooper

Regional Focal Point Latin America, German Red Cross
Email: Mathieu.destrooper@germanredcross.de

Phoebe Shikuku

Regional Focal Point Africa, IFRC
Email: phoebe.shikuku@ifrc.org

Raymond Zingg

Regional Focal Point Asia-Pacific, IFRC
Email: Raymond.zingg@ifrc.org

Franziska Waldvogel

Website responsible, content collection and technical advice
Content Manager, German Red Cross
Email: f.waldvogel@drk.de

Hilla Wessel

Global and regional Dialogue Platforms, team support, procurement, and finance
Team assistant and event management, German Red Cross
Email: h.wessel@drk.de

Sinje Wessels

General project management, contracts, procurement
Project Management, German Red Cross
Email: s.wessels@drk.de


Our team at a glance

Our partners

See our partners and learn more about how to become a partner here.

Our governance

The governance structure of the Anticipation Hub includes high-level Steering Committee and Advisory Group to provide strategic direction, and feedback on the development of the Hub.  The coordination team support the day-to-day operation of the Hub and support the coordination of working groups. Working groups are developed on a needs basis and are supported by partner organisations. Partners support the strategic direction of the Hub and actively support working groups, whereas members use the Anticipation Hub website and can engage in working groups. 

We are currently in the process of selecting the members of our Steering Committee and Advisory Group. Further updates will be shared here soon.


Our Strategic Priority Areas

Learning innovation and exchange

The Anticipation Hub will serve as a platform for learning from experience, for building partnerships, for fostering coordination, and for the development and diffusion of new ideas. It will achieve these goals by connecting stakeholders and facilitating exchange and joint-learning between individuals, governments, policymakers, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, NGOs, UN agencies, researchers and other actors interested in anticipatory humanitarian action - building on the Dialogue Platforms.

Guidance and support

The Anticipation Hub network and platform will provide general and technical guidance and support for anticipatory programs. It will facilitate the development of tools and methodologies to support the design and implementation of anticipatory systems. This in turn will help connect anticipation to disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation efforts.

Policy and advocacy

The Anticipation Hub and its members and partners will promote policy and advocate mainstreaming anticipatory approaches within the development and humanitarian systems at greater pace and scale. This includes demonstrating the effectiveness of anticipatory action, helping to build coherence across our policy and advocacy work (e.g. through the Risk Informed Early Action Partnership (REAP) and Early Action Focus Task Force), guiding future advocacy work to influence global policy frameworks and facilitating collaboration on anticipation-related thematic issues and events.

Our strategy

The Anticipation Hub strategy is currently in draft format and will be shared in early 2021.

For more information on the strategic priority areas for action please see the results of our scoping study report.

View scoping study results