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The Anticipation Hub is an online knowledge and exchange platform for practitioners, scientists and policymakers to enhance their ability to anchor anticipatory action in the humanitarian sector, and subsequently reduce disaster risk and adapt to climate change. The platform is hosted by the German Red Cross in cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre with funding support from Germany's Federal Foreign Office. 

The Anticipation Hub identified three strategic priorities to meet the needs of its users across science, policy and practice. Firstly, to stimulate learning, innovation and exchange between those who develop and apply tools, methodology's and evidence related to anticipatory action. Secondly, provide guidance and support connecting different specialists and users to identify solutions. Thirdly, to promote lasting change through sustained policy & advocacy efforts to mainstream anticipatory approaches within the development and humanitarian systems at greater pace and scale. 

The German Red Cross (GRC) key role is to maintain the Anticipation Hub website, coordinate learning and facilitate peer-to-peer exchange through the website, working groups and Dialogue Platforms, as well as convening the Anticipation Hub Steering Committee twice per year. 

The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre (RCCC) supports knowledge sharing and exchange related to research, innovation and the application of new techniques and technologies in anticipatory action. They support or lead the design and coordination of working groups on emerging topics including the development of new knowledge products, while supporting advocacy and policy efforts on anticipatory action. 

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) plays a key role in conducting outreach and advocating with the IFRC membership to increase awareness about the Anticipation Hub with National Societies and other IFRC channels, to capture their experiences, while sharing and learning from others working on anticipatory action. IFRC also supports on policy and advocacy efforts to ensure the Anticipation Hub activities are well aligned with other IFRC policies and Strategy 2030. 

The Hub is supported by a broad range of partners across the Red Cross Red Crescent network, universities, research institutes, (international) NGOs, UN agencies and other network initiatives.

We will jointly build and maintain this Anticipation Hub as a knowledge sharing platform.

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The Hub facilitating continuity between Dialogue Platforms

The Anticipation Hub builds on years of practical experience and collaboration with a broad range of partners both inside the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and externally with UN agencies, universities, research institutions, (international) NGOs and government institutions. 

Our collective experience on effectively implementing an array of projects, programmes and research studies on Forecast Based Financing/ Anticipatory Action/ Early Action globally, combined with our insightful interactions at Global and Regional Dialogue Platforms, have highlighted the need for continuous opportunities to easily share and exchange information related to anticipatory approaches from global to local levels.

The Anticipation Hub wants to facilitate, support and advance this growing international community of practice by being the ‘go-to’ place for anticipation-related knowledge exchange, learning and guidance, while also acting as an advocacy space to highlight the continued commitment and investment needed to achieve anticipatory action at greater pace and scale.  

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Therefore, scaling up is not just “more”, it also means “better”. To respond collectively in a coordinated manner, we must work together.

Jagan Chapagain Secretary General, IFRC